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[Critical] ESET can not clean Win32/Agent.TXV

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Hi, Im administrator of my company ESET Remote Administrator. Today when I reviewed the ESET log which send from my client, I find out that one of my client has infected by Win32/Agent.TXV, serverity is Critical but ESET can not clean it. What can I do to clean this trojan?

Further information you can find in this raw log:

{"hostname":"","@timestamp":"2018-04-16T23:06:12.000Z","syslogtag":"ERAServer[2132]","@version":"1","id":"10","system.auth.timestamp":"Apr 17 06:06:12","message":"{\"event_type\":\"Threat_Event\",\"ipv4\":\"\",\"hostname\":\"\",\"source_uuid\":\"\",\"occured\":\"16-Apr-2018 23:05:46\",\"severity\":\"Critical\",\"threat_type\":\"trojan\",\"threat_name\":\"Win32/Agent.TXV\",\"scanner_id\":\"Startup scanner\",\"scan_id\":\"virlog.dat\",\"engine_version\":\"17233 (20180416)\",\"object_type\":\"boot sector\",\"object_uri\":\"file:///1\",\"action_error\":\"unable to clean\",\"threat_handled\":false,\"need_restart\":false}\n","type":"eset","tags":[]}

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