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BSOD screens while browsing with EIS

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I would like to ask about incompatibility of Dell Inspiron laptop drivers with ESET Smart Security. I bought this new pc, uninstalled original McAfee AV and installed ESET instead. However, since that day, BSOD screens started to appear when browsing in Chrome, tried Firefox as well, where it happened very often too. The occurance was increasing as the time went. It did not appear in Edge (actually just once). BSOD has always reported error BAD_POOL_CALLER with analysis  poping up these 3 file crashes:




I am running windows 10 64 bit, with my Network Wifi drivers  AC 3165 .v Which seems to be the newest one. PC model Dell Inspiron 15 N-7567-N2-512R.

Not sure what else info is neccesary to help me out. In any case, the only solution I found, was to uninstall ESET SS and Install McAfee back. However I do not posses licence for McAfee, as is the opposite for ESET.

Please, do you have some advice for me? Thanks



PS: also to mention, DELL support was unable to help me out with this issue

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Please configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/kb380/ and reproduce the crash. Then compress the dump, collect logs with ELC and upload both the dump and logs to a safe location and drop me a message with download links.

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