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Eset SS v7 DELAYS my internet!

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First of all sorry for my poor English!


Now I have read many threads related to this matter but didn`t find a proper solution to my issue.

Let me describe it : I have a desktop and a notebook which both have ESS7 installed.

On desktop I have Win7 x64 Ultimate and on the notebook XP SP2 Home instaled.

I have a network with the desktop conected to the router via Ethernet and wireless with my notebook.

With my notebook everything works fine but with the desktop my internet conection is delayed for let say 2-3 minutes.

It's the same issue with the blue circle on the network icon in systray but in my case it`s not spinning and fortunately I can have acces to other programs on my PC.

In addition when put the mouse pointer on the network icon nothings happens and more of that I can`t open in Control Panel the window called Open Network and Sharing Center ...

I`ve tried some things and was hoping to solve the issue when I erase the hosts file stored in Win/Sys32/driver/etc because after I did a restart everything was back to normal, but next day I was hit with the same issue.

I have also flushed the dns cache and it didn`t work and also with FSS program ...

It`s such a pitty because I use ESET for at least a decade with no major issues util now ... btw. ESS6 was working fine also ...

So please help!

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Hi Marcos,


I was trying all of the options in the firewall integration chapter but unfortunately none was working.

After that in Safe Mode I removed ESET with the help of the uninstall tool provided on the site and all of a sudden everything was working fine with internet access being quick as usual (~10 sec.)

Then I reinstalled the newest kit of ESET from the site and on the setup left all the options by default but I only ticked the "Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications" in the Antivirus and anti-spyware chapter and everything is working back to normal, until now (keep the finger cross) :) ...


Anyway thanx a lot and keep the good work! 

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Yeah sometimes uninstalling and re-installing fixes stuff even if it usually takes a bit more than that, and nice to hear that it's working as expected for you again.  :)

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