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ERA/ELA EES Update Frustration!

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Hoping someone can help. The amount of time I waste trying to resolve issues with ERA, updates and activation is very frustrating!


First question, why does EES never self update? I have the following option enabled via ERA policy on all my customers servers, but EES and EFS never ever self update, I always have to manually deploy program updates from ERA, which always generates intermittent problems with clients failing to update, failing to reactivate, and now reverting to an old licence!



Program Component Update (set to): Always update program components.

With this enabled program components never update! Why? I can't find any other policy that relates to program updates?


So updating computers via ERA on one of my customers this weekend. Create Software Install task for several PC's that are all online. Several of these complete successfully, restart and all OK. One updates but reverts to the previous licence expiry date (ie last year). Two refuse to update and continualy fail. So I manually download and run the software which completes successfully but again both revert to the previous licence expiry date!


All attempts to deploy Product Activation from ERA or enter the Licence Key manually on the client fail with error: Activation was not successful: Could not reach activation server.


Yet these computers are resolving all URL's listed on the following website under 'Activation' however not all respond to ping.


The following two url's do not resolve and their IP addresses do not respond to ping either, so I assume these are no longer used?




All computers on the network use the same server for DNS, the local Domain Controller, there is no Internet Proxy server on the network and there are no outgoing port restrictions.


What should have been a simple process has again cost me numerous hours over this weekend and I've only completed this on a quarter of this customers computers! I have customers with Trend Micro (mostly customers that don't have a server) and I never have issues with their computers. They auto update everything including their licences!


Can someone please shed some light on where to look to troubleshoot this issue. Yes I have spent hours searching already and haven't found any answers that help.


ERA Server version is

(yes I know this should be updated, but again with multiple customers finding time out of hours ie on weekends to update all these customer manually along with all the other required after hours maintenance is challenging! Why does Eset make everything so complicated and difficult!).

ERA Agent version on all computers is 6.3.136.

EES version was 6.5.2107.1 and 6.3.2016.0 (no I don't have documented which was which before the upgrade).

EES upgraded version is 6.6.2072.4.

Operating System on all the PC's that have reverted their licence is Windows 7 Professional with all latest updates installed.


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So far we've never released automatic program component updates for Endpoint and server products since uninstalling a security product that is tightly integrated with the operating system and installing it again is prone to issues. Endpoint v7 will introduce microPCU updates which will seamlessly upgrade products without the need to uninstall them during upgrade.

As for the issue reaching activation servers, are you able to open https://edf.eset.com/edf in a browser on a troublesome machine using the same proxy server settings as used by Endpoint ? Are you having this issue on all endpoints or only on some?

I would strongly recommend upgrading ERA to the latest v6.5 via a "RA components upgrade" task  and Endpoint to 6.6.2071 via a Software install task to rule out possible issues that were fixed in the mean time. In the Software install task I recommend not to select a license to prevent deactivation and reactivation of Endpoint.

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Yes https://edf.eset.com/edf resolves to some xml text.

As per my post, several clients updated and reactivated fine. These three didn't.

So are we not supposed to update the endpoint software?
What does the policy 'Program Component Update' do?

Myself and my customers are getting very tired of having to constantly manually update this software. My customers don't understand why I'm having to continually charge them to update their antivirus. Every other antivirus program I know of has automatic program updates as standard, has had for years. Then again every other antivirus company has hosted management platforms, and have had for years! Only Eset requires having to still run the management software on an internal server, that also needs to be manually updated!

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