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Ever since my ESET Internet Security has updated to version, as long as my Google Chrome (latest version) is open, I get this weird periodical flashing of icons on Windows taskbar. It happens with steady frequency once about every 5 minutes, and it did not happen with 11.0 version. Since it's a minor thing, I've been ignoring it. However, today, a new symptom has shown up. When I tried to open a new Chrome Window, I've gotten SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD, and upon examination, it appears it's been caused by ESET Internet Security. It may have something to do with the taskbar icon flashing issue that has started after upgrade to 11.1.



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Please drop me a message with a download link to a zipped dump file. The crash dump analyzer you've used may point ESET as the culprit even though the crash was caused by something else. We'll need to analyze the dump in order to tell what actually caused the crash.

Also collect logs with ELC and provide me with the generated archive as well.

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