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Greylist logs From EMSX

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I know in previous versions (Eset mail 4.5, ERA 5x) we were able to see greylist logging from the ERA console. Is this available in the current version of the products? I'm looking around and can only see this logging available on the individual machines only, i'm guessing i'm just not seeing it? If it's available to be seen via ERA (6x) would it be possible to let me know how? or if there is a way to automate the saving of the local greylist logs somewhere else for processing?


thanks a ton!



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Ended up contacting support.

Was told that the way to do this is to enable Text Logging (Setup, Tools, Log files, Enable text Log) from there you can set a file type (csv is easily human and machine readable, text and eventlogs were also offered) and then point to a network location if needed.

All of the logs then populated, inlcuding those for Device Control, Grey List, Hips, MailServer, Virus, and warnings. Additional folders were created for eScan and ServerOnDeman as well!

I hope this helps anyone else in their transitions or if looking to gather this information centrally to process.



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