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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year :-))


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Hello everyone

Well, another year has almost passed, and another stands on our doorsteps, full of expectations, hope and challenges to everyone. I will just use the this opportunity to say ,Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, to all the nice people that I have written with, here on Eset's new forum. So dear members and Moderators, I wish you all the best, for the rest of this, and the forthcoming year. And may all have, a nice christmas holiday with your family and friends.


Regards Janus...


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It has been a great first year for the new forums, the numbers have grown quick.

I look forward to the second.


I hope every one has a wonderful Christmas and New year as well !

Thank you for your thread Janus. Thoughtful and was pleased to read and see. :)

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