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Upgrade EFSW & Mail Security from 4.x to 6.x

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We have some servers with outdated ESET File Security installed (version 4.x). The OSs are Server 2008 & Server 2012r2. What is the proper way to upgrade to the latest version 6.5.x for both EFSW and Mail Security for Exchange 2013?

We found some ESET KB articles, however want to see what the users out there have experienced with is? 

Finally, one of the articles states as first step to "Disable self-defense in EFSW version 4.5 and then restart the computer"  -where is the self-defense setting?

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That shouldn't be necessary. I assume it was recommended for smooth upgrade to v6, in particular to prevent issues with the ESET service being unable to be stopped by a new version installer.

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