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DESlock+ Client 4.9.2 has been released

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DESlock+ Client 4.9.2 has been released and is available to download.


  • Added: (UEFI only) Maintenance mode. Allows controlled bypass of pre-boot authentication to allow a system to reboot without a user being present. This is useful when performing Windows updates or other system maintenance. This feature is disabled by default, for more information and details on how to enable see: http://support.deslock.com/KB471
  • Improved: DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption now prevents BitLocker Automatic Device Encryption. This has been added because Windows 10 Feature Updates can trigger BitLocker encryption to start. This renders machines already encrypted with DESlock+ unbootable until BitLocker encryption is removed. This preventative measure is also applied when upgrading the DESlock+ Client on Full Disk Encrypted workstations and ensures that existing DESlock+ machines are protected.
  • Improved: DESlock+ Command Line tool is now included in the DESlock+ client installation. For more information see: http://support.deslock.com/KB186
  • Improved: (UEFI only) Graphical bootloader orientation can now be altered by pressing F8.
  • Improved: (UEFI only) Graphical bootloader now has a zoom feature to aid readability on high-DPI devices. Press F7 to change between the available levels of zoom.
  • Fixed: Recovery of a Full Disk Encryption login password may not persist if recovery is performed when the system is resumed from hibernate or during fast startup.
  • Fixed: (UEFI only) On Windows 10 Creators (1703) or earlier, files on the UEFI System Partition (ESP) could become corrupted if data is written to the ESP when booting with fast startup or resuming from hibernate. Microsoft have fixed this issue in Windows Fall Creators (1709), however this update provides a fix for users of previous versions. For more information see : http://support.deslock.com/KB472
  • Fixed: (UEFI only) Graphical bootloader could display in the wrong orientation on some tablets. (Reported with Lenovo Miix 310).
  • Fixed: Corruption could occur if a folder was decrypted then re-encrypted. This affected v4.8.17 & v4.9.0.
  • Fixed: DESlock+ login box could stop the system shutting down with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update as the update altered the way Windows handles the shutdown and start-up of applications.
  • Fixed: DESlock+ front-end components would not function if a Windows shutdown or restart was cancelled.
  • Fixed: Path to the DESlock+ service binary is now correctly quoted. This fixes a problem where the service cannot be started, due to specific files being present on the root of the system drive. i.e. "C:\Program"
  • Fixed: Workaround for a problem with Realtek card reader driver (rtsper.sys). A blue screen (BSOD) could occur when plugging in or removing an SD card.

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