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I think ESET is blocking all of my Crypto Wallets from loading

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Hi, it appears that Eset is blocking not all but most of my Crypto wallets from loading from their blockchains.  

I have teh current version 

I have experience with Crypto wallets but and understand how to add nodes and debug and repair wallets etc but after much trouble shooting with several wallets I have recently installed, the only thing I can think of is that Eset is blocking them. 

The other problem I have is I cannot find (please point it out to me if there is such a feature) a way to temporarily with one or two clicks shutdown ESET to test this, the only way I can find is to go to "Setup" then individually shutdown each component within each component down which is very annnoying and cumbersome, there seems to be no on/off button?

Can anyone from  ESET please tell me a work around that will allow my crypto wallets to connect to nodes via various ports please?




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You can try temporarily uninstalling ESET to see if the issue goes away. If it doesn't make any difference, you will reinstall it and continue with further troubleshooting.  If the issue doesn't manifest without ESET , try the following, one at a time, to narrow it down:

- temporarily disable automatic start of real-time protection and reboot the computer
- temporarily disable protocol filtering
- temporarily disable HIPS and reboot the computer.

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