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Internet Security made my system boot very slow

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Past 5 years I'm was using Kaspersky Internet security, everything was fine, yesterday the license got expired and  i decide to move on with another lighter internet security, after reading the reviews and all i decided to but ESET, today i purchased 1 user 3years subscription of ESET internet security and install in my laptop. after installing this , the boot time of my system become more. I would like to know is there any solution for this,? If you have any solution, kindly let me know. Now i believe my decision was wrong to got with ESET.  My system has 6gb RAM i hope that will be enought to boot a windows 10 machine with desired speed and time.

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Thank you for the reply, I have generated the logs using ELC, I'm Unable to share the complete  zip file here, if you required that let me know i will send the google drive link.

And also i have removed the phantom account and anti theft protection, it stopped the creation of another local user account in my system,











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