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I just updated to Internet Security today, then restarted my machine, eset now prompts me to update my settings password (see screenshot), however it won't accept my old password, it keeps saying it is invalid. I can no longer get into my settings.

Is this a bug? (anything to do with special characters in the old password?). My password was working fine before this update, I haven't changed anything else apart from updating to this version.

Does the eset unlock tool still work with this new version?




Same issue as reported here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/14982-updated-to-111420-and-settings-password-no-longer-recognised/


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You have the following options:
1, Uninstall / reinstall ESET.
2, Wait until a new version of the Configuration Engine module is released. Until then, ESET will continue protecting you despite the issue with gui.
3, Ask customer care for an unlock code. This option is not recommended since you will likely receive the new module sooner than a response from customer care.

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@Peter Randziak In regards to this new "password storage" enhancement that appears to be causing upgrading issues. If the purpose was to prevent keystroke capture by a keylogger, it is not working. The test keylogger I use can still capture all keystrokes entered into the Eset GUI message box used for password entry. 

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3 hours ago, Peter Randziak said:

Hello @pbellchambers and @troggrob ,

the module should be available in few moments, try to run manual Check for updates or you should receive it on next scheduled update (by default once per hour)

Regards, P.R.

Thank you Peter.



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