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these are mini-bugs that I found in ESS v. 7.0.302.26, hoping that will be fixed ..


1- When the mouse pointer moves from eset desktop notification to taskbar directly, it stays opaque and doesn't return to transparent situation:




2- When scanning autoit files 'and perhaps NSIS archives', number of infected files is not compatible with number of cleaned files!:






3- In the previous example, we can see the abnormal multiple logged item for the same scanned object!

'This problem can be found in archived objects only'


4- Bug in browsing logged items although optimizing logged files!:




And another bug when browsing the logged items in 'detected threats' and 'computer scan' sections:




5- Idle scanning log stays 'in progress' in spite of it stopped by 'log on system for example':




6- Watch activity tool pretends that the graph view covers 10 minutes, but in fact it covers only less than 3 minutes:




7- Desktop notification disappears when the ess main window closes!:




8- There are several options in the program that are useless and perhaps they must be removed:


I- This option is useless in real-time file system protection because in spite of setting it to make the real-time file system protection module scan archives, this module can't scan the archives at all! 'you can try it ..'




II- Although activating these two options, they still useless because you can't scan operating memory and boot sectors from context menu scan:




III- This option is useless in the following modules 'because this option can't log all items scanned by these modules':


real-time file system protection

document protection

web protection




IV- These two options are useless in document protection module; because this module scans Microsoft Office documents only:







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1, this is most likely something that is controlled by the operating system and should work the same way for any notifications like this.

2, this is ok as Autoit and NSIS archives also contain clean files which are taken into account, too.

3, it's a known issue which should be fixed in the next version

4, the 2nd problem is known and was already reported as a bug

5, not a problem. "In progress" means that the scan has not completed yet, even though it may be suspended at a moment.

6, it's been there probably since v4. Reported as a bug and requested to remove "last 10 minutes" from the string.

7. this is probably by design. Under normal circumstances, the main panel is not shown and only notifications and alerts appear in the right-hand lower corner of the screen.

8, real-time protection indeed scans self-extracting archives (applicable for newly created or modified files)

9, these options cannot be hidden per on-demand scan profile, only per protection module

10, it indeed works for self-extracting archives

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In additin t0 Marc0s excellent reply, the "L0g all 0bjects" 0pti0n apply t0 infected archives in the realtime pr0tecti0n

D0uble clicking a archive l0g in the detected threats page will 0pen a wind0w with all files inside

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