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Licensing and versions

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As a newcomer to ESET, I must admit that I did find the process of finding and purchasing the right product quite confusing. Looking on Amazon, ebay, etc, there are many different options such as Smart Security, Smart Security Premium, Multi Device, NOD 32, Family Security, etc and not to mention the different year numbers and number of users. In the end I went for the family security as it is good for up to 10 devices. I suppose I could also have purchased 2 x Multi Device licenses if I wanted more than 5 seats, but I wasn't sure whether that would have been more complicated to regiister and activate all my family's devices. The other thing I found a bit confusing was setting up the mobile security on my daughter's mobile, because I wasn't sure whether using one of her e-mail addresses while installing would create any problems while registering the product, but it didn't, so I'm not sure why I couldn't just have provided my own e-mail address at that stage or my eset account e-mail address. Anyway, it's all working fine now and seems to be doing a good job.

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It's not that difficult as it seems. You basically choose between:
1, ESET NOD32 Antivirus
2, ESET Internet Security (EAV + firewall + antispam + Anti-Theft + Parental Control + Network protection)
3, ESET Smart Security Premium (EIS + Password Manager + Disk encryption)

Depending on the country, if you have more devices you can purchase a multi-license pack or Family pack. E.g. in the US and UK, you can purchase a multi-license pack (2-5 devices), not a Family pack. In Slovakia, we don't sell the multi-license pack but a Family pack for 4 devices.

As for version numbers, it's not difficult either. The latest version is v11 and we provide it as a service (the same way as Microsoft provides Windows 10 updates),  ie. we release product updates on a regular basis to ensure that users have the latest version with new features and fixes. We don't use version numbering like 2017, 2018, etc., except for marketing purposes.

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