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EP Antivirus to EP Security

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I am running ERA which monitors about 45 machines, all running EP Antivirus. I have decided to install EP Security on each, as I want the centrally managed desktop firewall.


Before I start rolling out EP Security, I have a couple of questions that I can't find definitive answers to:


1. Do I need to uninstall EP Antivirus before I install EP Security

2. If so, can this be done through ERA


I've been using ERA for years but only very basic aspects of it so your help and patience would be much appreciated.




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   You will certainly have to uninstall the Endpoint ANtivirus to move over to Endpoint Security. You can do so locally using Start>All Programs>Eset>Eset Endpoint Security>Uninstall and you can also use the Eset Remote Administrator (as you asked above).


To do this is essentially the same as the installation, with some minor changes and potential differences. Before you begin, if you use a password to protect the setup parameters we need to add that to the uninstall package. To test on a client machine, open the Eset software and press F5. If it prompts for a password, that is the password I am referencing. If it does not and goes strating to the advanced setup, then you have no password. If you do not have a password, proceed to the next paragraph. If you do have a password, please open the Eset Remote Administrator and go to the Remote Install tab and click on the drop down menu 'Actions' and select Manager packages. In the dialogue that opens, please drop down the top menu item to uninstall eset software. When you do, there will be a box on the bottom right with switches for the uninstall. You will need to add this phrase to the end:


PASSWORD=(password we confirmed a few steps ago)



Save this and click close. 


Next, pick a test machine to sample from your clients list. Right click and select Remote Installation and in the submenu, select Windows push installation. Credential (as you normally would for a push install) and on the screen where you pick the package to install, drop the top menu down and select the uninstall eset menu option. Proceed as a normal install and this will allow you to uninstall the package from that test machine.


Repeat the process (once confirmed) with the balance of the machines and then restart them and push install the new software.



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