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Exclusion list applicability, and whitelisting files

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EIS is making me nuts.  I now regularly get notices of a half dozen files that I have tried to exclude from detection.  Their persistence sometimes makes the PC unusable as they spam the view almost non-stop.  I have just cleared my exclusion list to start over, but there were multiple copies of each file address in the list, yet I have been getting several flags per day over each file, for several days now.  Perhaps this coincides with a recent EIS update I seem to recall.

Anyway, most of these seem to be caught by the startup scanner, some by realtime file system protection.  When I make an entry in the RealTime File System Protection exclusion list, does that list apply to all forms of scanning - startup, realtime, idle state, and programmed scan?  If not, can someone please tell me how to fully whitelist files?

I have tried adding the file addresses manually to the list, and also by responding to those popup notices that allow ticking the exclude-from-detection box, and then the Ignore button.

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If you have some potentially unsafe or unwanted applications excluded, I'd suggest excluding them for the whole computer, ie. with "*" in the path and the detection name specified. There's a bug in the current version that causes exclusions not to work if a full path with a file name is excluded and the detection name is specified as well.

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