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Bank & Payment and My Browser

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So, I decided to stick with Eset 11 -liking this one very much- but I'm curious as to how Banking & Payment protection works.

You see, I run Win10, but I don't use Edge or Chrome as my default browsers, I use Opera, which uses the Chrome engine but has SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER.

I know Eset in all it's wisdom will never add Opera or a version of it to the browsers comatible with Payment Protection but, given the fact that Opera is my Default Browser, the sistem reverts to IE11 for the "secure browser" to run in Banking & Payment protection, and I DON'T LIKE THAT.

Can you please, at least allow the user to choose between one of the compatible browsers if installed?

I'm not asking you (yes I AM) to consider adding Opera -which would be great 'cause it's GOOD-, but to allow users to choose the browser if other than IE is installed in the PC and not selected as default, and if there is a way -which I haven't foud- TELL ME WHERE IT IS and make it more accessible in the future. Thanks.

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