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Website Certificate error

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Hey Guys just wondering if this is a big deal this is going on all of my computers. I go to midco.com and no matter what I click on I still get the error. I contacted the website owner and they claim everything is correct. No other websites gives me error.


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wrong website
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Hi, the culprit in question is the external JavaScript used by the website. As you notified the website owner, they might cannot do anything or detect anything as they might just be an owner only and not the website developer.

The website developer are using javascript source from domscope.com which it cert has expired around 8 days ago.  You may check the ssl result test on the below link; 


You may forward this to the webmaster in case they might have contact with the webmaster or the one who owned the domscope.com and able to prompt them to renew their expired cert. Attached below picture for your perusal


SSL labs test.png

SSl Expired.png

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