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Unable to block Youtube or Google Drive on Chrome/Firefox


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We were dealing with this since last year, had to put it on hold but now wee need to figure out how to make it work.  We need to block the access to Youtube and Google Drive web sites,  our Web Control Policy seems to work fine when those sites are accessed via Internet Exporer, however; If Chrome or Firefore is used instead, the web control policy is by passed allowing the access.

Have tried to block them in serveral ways such as adding these sites to a block list in a web control and URL Management Access section, create a rule for denying UDP port 443 traffic in the Firewall. module  but it is always the same, Chrome and Firefox always allow the access to the Youtube and Goolge Drive, we don't want to block other Google Sites just these two.

Product:  ESET Remote Admisnitration Console 6.5.

Thanks in advance,

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In Chrome you'd need to clear the cache to make blocking work. Disabling QUIC protocol would most likely help as well. To disable it, enter "chrome://flags" in the address bar, search for "Experimental QUIC protocol" and disable it.

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Hi Marcos,

The workaround suggested works only for a while. Ex: I access drive.google.com by typing it directly in the URL address Field, ESET blocks it but as soon as I log on to gmail.com and access Google Drive by using the shortcut available there, My drive is displayed with no problem, so since a session is establish next time I access drive.google.com, I got access too.

I'm using the URL Management and adding drive.google.com/*  to the Block Sites list.


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