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eset not working after reboot

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after I contacted the support weeks ago without response I hope I get feedback and hopefully solution here.


The Problem occurs on restart my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.8.5) and latest ESET Cyber Security ( Normally eset starts normal when I boot my mac but sometimes (I think 10%) it won't run. I recognized it sometimes later when I didn't saw the icon on the the top bar.


In the Logs in Eset I could not get any useful infos. I read system logs and the only thing I get is:



Dec  4 08:15:36 mymac com.apple.launchd[1] (com.eset.esets_daemon[69]): Exited with code: 2

Dec  4 08:21:48 mymac com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[240] ([0x0-0x45045].com.eset.ecs.5[724]): Exited with code: 69


3615814  com.apple.launchd                1        0x123456789012.anonymous.esets_daemon 73        Dispatching kevent callback.
3615817  com.apple.launchd                1        0x123456789012.anonymous.esets_daemon 73        EVFILT_PROC event for job.
3615821  com.apple.launchd                1        0x123456789012.anonymous.esets_daemon 73        Reaping
3615834  com.apple.launchd                1        0x123456789012.anonymous.esets_daemon 0         Removed
3615839  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.launchd        1         System: No submanagers left.
3615843  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.securityd      27        Job is active: PID is still valid
3615846  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.securityd      27        Job was sent SIGTERM.
3615849  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.coreservices.appleevents 62        Job is active: PID is still valid
3615852  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.coreservices.appleevents 62        Job was sent SIGTERM.
3615855  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    69        Job is active: PID is still valid
3615858  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    69        Job was sent SIGTERM.
3615861  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.launchd        1         Handled kevent.
3615863  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.launchd        1         MIG demux succeeded.
3615870  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.launchd        1         MIG request.
3617957  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.launchd        1         MIG callout: 137000
3617969  com.apple.launchd                1        com.apple.launchd        1         Dispatching kevent (ident/filter): 69/-5
3617977  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    69        Dispatching kevent callback.
3618020  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    69        EVFILT_PROC event for job.
3618023  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    69        Reaping
3618051  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    69        Exited 3.016688 seconds after the first signal was sent
3618059  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    0         Exited while shutdown in progress. Processes remaining: 2/2
3618062  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    0         Job is useless. Removing.
3618069  com.apple.launchd                1        com.eset.esets_daemon    0         Removed

I can only get eset run by running from terminal:

sudo /Applications/ESET\ Cyber\ Security.app/Contents/MacOS/esets_daemon &

sudo /Applications/ESET\ Cyber\ Security.app/Contents/MacOS/esets_gui &



In the logs in eset there is nothing listed! I had deinstall and reinstall the app completely without effect.


Can someone help me out or had similarly problems?

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no I haven't get any response from support. In the meantime updated to Mac OSX 10.9.1 and use ESET Cybersecurity I had reinstalled ESET but same problems.


Last 5 fresh boot periods ESET wasn't working in 3 boots. One problem was that I didn't always realize that it don't work so my system is not unprotected.  I had to manually start ESET daemon by terminal via 

sudo /Applications/ESET\ Cyber\ Security.app/Contents/MacOS/esets_daemon

Then I could start the ESET Cybersecurity App. Before this it will not start. In the Tools->Log there are no details about that.


Please help me out.

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  • ESET Staff



If you are still having this issue, it is likely due to your Mac having a Permissions problem with your user profile.  To fix this you can run the following command to resolve the issue.


sudo chown -R "$USER" "$HOME"


There is also another method of correcting Permission issues using Mac OS X's GUI which is fully detailed in ESET's KB Article here: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2835

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