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Eset Mail Security, Quarantine notification return to sender

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we have ESET Mail Security v. 6.5.10019.1 and a question.

We have creates some rules for the mail-transport-protection.

Example attachments with passwortprotection will be blocked.

So now, is it possible to create a notification e-mail, that this e-mail was blocked und returns to the sender?

I see only one feature, that i send e-mail notification to only one fix address, but not to the certain user, who send this email.

Thank you



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  • ESET Staff


this option is not available. Something similar will be available in EMSX v7 - it will have a customizable SMTP reject response message (apart from default "Invalid content").

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Okay thank you.

Another question.

I have created a rule in e-mail transport, if there is ja dangerous attechment,  the message will be send trough, but the attachment will be deleted by ESET.

ESET change the Name of the Item in example.docx to example.docx.txt

in this txt, there is a message "Infected attachment has been deleted by ESET Mail Security"

Can i change this template? maybe in the esetshell?

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