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Error message trying to create rescue CD


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This is a second attempt at posting - couldn't see the first one, but hope I'm not duplicating


I am trying to create a rescue CD - on a Win 7 64bit system.


I have downloaded a 32 bit msi file by clicking the link within the KB article.


All starts well, but in the middle of the process I get an error message saying "selected msi file did not contain all necessary files"


Any ideas for solving this?


Many thanks.


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my bad, ....have you followed the instructions in this article ? , "  How do I use ESET SysRescue to create a bootable USB flash drive, CD or DVD on a 64-bit Windows system?" especially the steps after you have downloaded the 32 bit msi file to the desktop?, if not then browse to  the 32-bit msi file in the iso properties, and press ok.


Regards Janus

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As I said in my original post, I had downloaded the msi file from that KB article.I then changed the setup process to tell it where that file was. Otherwise the creation process would not have started. It does start, and several steps are taken, but it then stops with the error message that I posted.

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Finally sorted it!!


During the setup I tried changing the ISO folder" to the folder where the msi file had been saved. And it all then went ahead and created the rescue disk


Have to say ESET, the instructions for this process are beyond belief.


Firstly I had to spend hours hunting and searching, to discover that because I had a 64 bit system I had to download a 32 bit file. Why on earth was that not made evident in the error messages.


Then, having downloaded the 32 bit msi, it was not made clear that I needed to set the "ISO folder" to the one with the msi file.


I've used NOD32 for some years and am now very disappointed in this poor service quality.

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Actually hardofhearing seems to be hardofhearing.

That is okay though :)


As Janus stated here : https://forum.eset.com/topic/1479-error-message-trying-to-create-rescue-cd/#entry8245


The complete and accurate directions have been available to you from the begining. The Eset KB articles on the support page are for your complete access to assist with any out of the ordinary tasks or issues.

I have included images from the instructions with the two issues you had been stuck on. Sorry for any confusion you may of had, however i would restrict your disappointment as i still think ESET is dedicated to helping, including the forums built here to assist you and connect you with like minded people that run into the same scenarios everyday that you may experience.


Glad you got it all figured out and its a bummer you experienced difficulty in finding support or resolving your issue. :unsure:





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