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Does anyone else have issues downloading their software from the eset website?  When the file is 100 MB, it is very slow, when it's 4.6GB, it's unacceptably slow.  Who has 4-5 hours to download software?  I've tried this last week and this week, from two different ISP's in two different locations and the results are the same.  I can only assume it's a lack of bandwidth on eset's part as I have plenty at both places I've tried and don't have issues with any other sites.



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Hello @Plastic3D ,

we have multiple download servers available to serve the requests.

From my point of view 286 KB/s is not very slow nor fast download speed.

I checked the load and on last Friday the download infrastructure was not under some heavy load, so I assume it might be some connection issue on the read to your PC.

If you experience the slow downloads again can you please share the speed, exact time (with your time zone) and the IP address of the server from which have you downloaded so we can check it? 

Regards, P.R.

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