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Should Windows Defender be disabled while ESET Internet Security is installed?

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Today I started getting firewall popups (since I have it set on interactive to prompt any new communication attempt) regarding "msmpeng.exe" outgoing communication to Microsoft that I haven't seen in the past. Then I went to check Windows Defender Security Center where it says actions are needed... regarding firewall issues (I guess I didn't set the msmpeng.exe process to allow) where I also noticed Defender was turned on.

Should Windows Defender be turned on while having ESET installed or not? Even if yes, Is it needed at all, can it be disabled and is that not recommeneded?

Here is the screenshot. There are no actions needed inside ESET of course.



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It's enabled. I guess something got messed up I will reinstall ESET to try to fix. It seems I have to uninstall first to reinstall, I can just reinstall over it because I get message latest version is already installed and installer quits.

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Running repair install seemed to have fixed this issue of Windows Defender running parallel to ESET.

Now it doesn't run and ESET took over.


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