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Autoit v3

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Eset SS just Quarantined Autoit3.exe as a Win32/Autoit.NPA trojan


Is this a false positive as I have never had any problem with this file before?


I have submitted the file to Eset but I don't know how that works. Will Eset notify me if it is fact a false positive?

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Thanks Marcos but how do I submit a file that has been Quarantined?


Should I restore the file and follow the directions in the KB article?


On Edit:

It will not be possible for me to submit the file as my email will not allow me to send it as an attachment.


I did run the file through https://www.virustotal.com/‎  as well as scan it with Malwarebytes  both showed it as negative. 


I scanned the file again with Eset and it came up clean after a couple of virus signature database updates.


My guess is that the original Quarantine was a false positive. 


Second Edit:

All of this does raise a question. If I submit the file through the Eset SS program why is it necessary to again submit it by an email?

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1, I confirm it was a false positive which was fixed quickly via the Rapid response module.

2, We prefer submissions via email because people submit a lot of junk via the program's gui which may cause your sample to get lost among tons of benign files and media files.

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