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Information regarding Banking and payment Protection.

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Dear Eset 

1.The following message is displayed in the banking and payment protection browser each time.:


Important: this browser should only be used for online banking and payment websites but not for general browsing.

With this browser being sanboxed, and safe in every way why is it that one should use the browser for banking and payment purposes only ?

2.Is it ok to install and enable addons (password managers, and adblockers) in this browser?

Waiting for a reply from @Marcos :):)

Thank you..

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Hello @govind_ind,

I'm not Marcos himself, but :-)

The BPP browser is sandboxed from the rest of the system and it runs as a separated instance of your browser even in case it already runs.

In secured browser only whitelisted addons (to exact version) are allowed to run so from this point of view it is not designed for general browsing purposes and in some cases may behave unexpectedly, on top of that the secured browser has it's own profile so it won't behave as the browser, you are get used to,...

Regards, P.R.

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