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accept new rule (modal firewall application) freeze chrome

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i recently update internet security to version, and, now when i accept a new application to communicate with internet (modal with interactive mode), chrome freeze during 10/20s or cause computer freeze.

how to correct that ? 

i try to uninstall/install eset, it's better but no solve my problem

i use windows 10 (last update)

best regards

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Thank you for your reply.

Before uninstalling the problem affected chrome and firefox, after reinstalling it is better but chrome is still affect.

I see the same problem when I use hamachi (logmein), when I connect or disconnect hamachi, chrome or computer freeze.

I try the same test without eset and I don't have problem.


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Try the following, one at a time, to narrow it down:

- Temporarily disable HIPS and restart the computer
- Temporarily disable protocol filtering.

After each step, try to reproduce the issue. Let us know about your findings.

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