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Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter have a conflict with OpenVPN

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I'm using ESS 7.0.302.26 and OpenVPN 2.3.2

When I start OpenVPN and connect to a server (TAP up), sometimes will trigger BSOD which says IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL,  uncheck Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter in wireless network properties can solve this issue, so I think it is a conflict, but uncheck filter seems not safe, so maybe ESET can solve this problem?


I can provide minidump file if you want and I can promise this issue happens since ESS v5.



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Please configure the system to generate kernel or complete memory dumps and then reproduce the crash. Then continue as follows:

- generate a SysInspector log

- compress the dump along with a SysInspector log

- upload the archive to a safe location and pm me the download link.

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