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Agent for MAC - Changing port


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Just tried installing Eset for MAC but have a problem editing the Agent script to modify the port.

We don't use 2222 as it conflicts with another service so we redirect on our firewall from 45000 to 2222. Normally with the windows agent, we just modify the agent .bat installer and change the port number.

However just tried that for a MAC but it doesn't connect. It says the agent installs OK but the status shows the error attached and strangely doesn't even show it's trying to connect on port 45000.

If we use the original untouched agent script it shows the port number trying to be used but obviously does not connect because nothing is listening on it.

Any ideas?



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  • ESET Staff

Could you specify changes you made in installation script? Some kind of diff would help. For me it looks like no port is actually used (i.e. empty). This is normal in case hostname is actually DNSSRV record, but that is not true in this case -> failure.

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It's literally just changing the port number within the MAC Agent installer "Eset_Agent_Installer_MACs.sh".....


So we just change the server port to 45000. Done that for about 1000 windows based Agent installers absolutely fine but for the MAC script it doesn't seem to work.


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The same section in the windows script is a little different. I'm assuming I can't modify the MAC script the same way we do the windows one.

Windows Agent Script.....

set server_hostname=eset.mycompany.co.uk
set server_port=45000


The MAC Agent script already had the quotes in there, I did not add them.

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately there was not time to verify this issue, but modification seems to be correct and I would expect it to work. Could you also check and possibly send me privately installation log that should be located in directory:


= in home directory of user that executed installation. I hope there will be visible which port was loaded from temporary configuration and applied to AGENT configuration.

EDIT: one last idea ... could you check that proper (UNIX) endline characters were used during file modification? It is possible editor used windows-like encoding (very probably in case file was edited on windows machine), which may have theoretically broken installation, as it seems empty port was actually used instead of the one you used.

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