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Failed to get installers: Access denied for certification authority


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ERA 6.5. Created permission set group called "company a". Created native user and assigned to newly created permission group and home group called "company a". 

The only thing I don't want this permission group to have access to is "server settings". I created an agent peer cert called "company a" and assigned the access group of "company a" to it. I logged into newly created native user account that only has access to "company a". When going to create agent live installer the newly created cert is assigned properly but when clicking on "get installers" I get "Failed to get installers: Access denied for certification authority". 

Is it only possible to create agent live installers with native admin account? Also the certificate authority does not have a passphrase applied and no passphrase was applied to newly created agent cert for "company a". 

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  • ESET Staff

Public part of CA certificate that was used to sign SERVER's certificate (certificate that is actually used, and it may be different than CA certificate used to sign peer certificate you mentioned) is part of installer, and thus user you used to create installer must have access to this CA certificate. I would recommend to check whether user can see this CA certificate in respective admin subsection, and if not, you will have to make sure CA certificate is available for this user.

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