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MAC Client Policy issues


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I tried some searching, but I can't quite find the answer to this.  We are having some issues with our MAC clients.  When connected to our RA server, they aren't being fed the policies correctly.  I manually set the RA and update server info, and it's being updated correctly.


The clients are part of a Static and Parametric group, which should be fed their own group policy.  All the Windows clients are working, but the MAC client are not being fed the settings from their policy.  For instance, the application preferences should be password protected and it's not.  The group policy should feed a scheduled scan task, and it's not showing up.


Could someone please shed some light on this?  Thank you.




I forgot to mention that we have the same settings in the policy's "Windows product line v3 and v4" and "Windows desktop v5" sections.  Do not have any of the Unix settings set.

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You wrote "I manually set the RA and update server info, and it's being updated correctly." Does that mean you rewrite these settings with the very same values manually and it starts working correctly then?

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the Windows desktop settings are not applied on the MAC clients so you need to configure them in the Unix desktop section.


That would explain why things aren't showing up.  I was now about to get the scheduled task to pop up, from the group policy, under the Unix Desktop v4 section.  Thank you!


One thing that strikes me as odd is the global policy is set to do a RA check in of 15 minutes.  That setting from the global policy isn't being added to the MAC client.  It's showing up as 10, and won't change no matter how long I wait for the policies to take effect on the MAC client.  That leads me to wonder, if I ever install the client onto another MAC and just enter in the RA server info, will it populate the rest of the settings, like the update server information?  


Well, for the time being this was helpful.  Thank you!

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Hello JDub,


if you have settings configured via policy the client should get all the settings defined by the policy after checking in into the ERA.

Just make sure that the policy is assigned to target group of clients.

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