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Dynamic Group Automated Deployment Assistance

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So I have completely automated my deployment of ESET, and I'm so excited. From the first time a computer is PXE booted until I give it to the user, I will have 0 need to do anything in ESET other than verify that it is installed.

However, I still have a backlog of machines that need something or another fixed. Currently, I have a dynamic group that will search for machines in AD every 15 minutes and it looks for machines that have the Agent but not EES. I then have a task that will trigger every time that group is changed and will automatically attempt to deploy the EES to the new machines. Most times it works flawlessly.

However, there are times when the auto-deploy doesn't work. The task could be interrupted and the EES doesn't install. So how can I automate a retry on failed machines so that it will attempt to push it to machines that did not get the EES when they first joined the dynamic group? I could schedule a daily task, but what suggestions do you guys have? Maybe a CRON expression?

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