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ESET 7: Block Specific Windows 8 App From Accessing the Internet

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I am looking for a way to block a specific Windows 8 app also knows as MetroApps (not common Windows program). For example let's say that I want to prevent the apps Maps and Photos from accessing the internet.

I seems that Eset puts all Windows 8 Apps communication into WWAHost.exe, I was not able to figure out a way to select a specific W8App.

There is an option to do that in the standard Windows Firewall but Eset takes over that option.


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Hello Kimsufi,


it depends.


If you disable "Allow Metro applications" in firewall settings, you can create rules per executable (per .exe).

In case the application is written in Javascript or in .net and is running in it's container you can block only that container and by that all applications using it.

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