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ESET NOD32 V11 update HIPS problem


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I have just updated to V 11.0.159,  Windows 7

I have HiPS disabled because it is frankly a pain in the with its constant notifications about existing apps and will NEVER remember rules.

The problem is since the last upgrade, HIPS is constantly popping with notifications even though its disabled. If I try and create rules to permanently remember ... it never does, just keeps on Popping very annoying boxes for the same app (often Adobe products) .

How do I get rid of this?


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First of all, disabling HIPS is a bad idea because you also disable self-defense, Ransomware shield, Advanced Memory Scanner and Exploit Blocker which are HIPS-based features.

I'd suggest saving your current settings to a file and then completely uninstalling ESET and installing it from scratch. Let us know what change to default settings you make before the issue occurs.

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Thanks for your reply.

I did an uninstall and then downloaded new files and a full install.

Problem has gone away.

Thank you

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