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delete file in quarantine blocked by a password


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il expose my probleme.




I often connects torrents job sites to see what there is And lately at my surprise, looking in the quarantine folder of the antivirus ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 from work, i see files being forty with torrents sources. I wanted to delete them but of course, it's blocked by a password that holds the computer.




2 virus are js/trojandownloader.iframe.nke & html/scrinject.b.gen.virus.




So, i try to launch as cccleaner or malwarebytes but impossible to remove. i wanted to know if some of you have solutions to empty a file quarantine in antivirus software blocked by a password. Or find the quarantine folder and delete it manually.




Thank's you help

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Quarantined files are stored in a safe, encrypted form on a disk and thus not pose any risk whatsoever. It's not necessary to flush the content of quarantine. Administrator privileges are required to permanently delete quarantined files.

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