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How do I submit a suspicious .dmg files to ESET?

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On 1/27/2018 at 5:58 PM, TomFace said:

The file size of the first suspicious .dmg is 16.8 MB (17,616,139 bytes)

The second is 2.55 MB (2,671,288 bytes)

Do you think I can send them in two separate email?

I am asking because the size of the files... :unsure:



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25 minutes ago, Don Swanson said:

No responce I must leave --- good bye

You have joined this forum 46 minutes ago, posted your first post 37 minutes ago and 12 minutes after you complained about receiving no response.  Honestly, considering 12 minutes to be a big delay in responding is not correct.

You can drop me a message with your license key so that I can check it out, however, it is important to contact customer care in the first place.

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