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Reinstalling CSP 6.5.600.2 after Mac OS 10.3.3 Updates

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## 2 MacBook Airs running High Sierra 10.3.2 and both running ESET CSP 6.5.600.1

  # 1 MacBook Air upgraded to ESET CSP 6.5.600.2 before Mac OS High Sierra 10.3.3 update

       Everything seems to be working fine on this one, but CSP did take approximately 10+ minutes to write files, which seemed lengthy (not a complaint, just wanted to relay any info I can).

 # 1 MacBook Air was NOT upgraded to ESET CSP 6.5.600.2 before Mac OS High Sierra 10.3.3 update

       I quickly installed ESET CSP 6.5.600.2 immediately after the Mac OS 10.3.3 update and then I received an error that a background process had stopped (I did get a successful installation message).

       I then restarted the MacBook and ESET did not open automatically and it would not open from Launchpad (something about it's no longer present - I forgot exact error now).


Two questions I have:

1. Is upgrading to ESET CSP 6.5.600.2 recommended before installing Mac OS High Sierra 10.3.3 update? I have two other MacBooks to work on that are in this current state (Mac OS 10.3.2 & ESET CSP 6.5.600.1) 

2. On the MacBook that was updated to Mac OS 10.3.3 before upgrading ESET CSP to 6.5.600.2 - I have now uninstalled ESET CSP, but exported the configuration settings beforehand. My question is if I reinstall ESET CSP with version 6.5.600.2, is it safe to import the configuration settings from what seemed to be a broken install after Mac OS 10.3.3 update and then ESET CSP upgrade to 6.5.600.2? 


Thanks for all the help. Please let me know if you need any further clarification on my end.  


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  • ESET Moderators

I believe the answer to your questions are:

1) Yes, I think the same recommendation applies to HS as it does for Sierra and Capitan:

"To assure compatibility of your ESET Cyber Security product and macOS, we recommend that you do not update your macOS with the latest security update 10.11.6 or 10.12.6 before updating your ESET Cyber Security product with the latest updates." https://support.eset.com/alert6654/

2) Yes, the config settings afaik don't have anything to do with this, it's the modules which aren't related. 

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Do you know if it is necessary to keep the xml config file after successful import, or can it be deleted? I'm not sure whether or not CSP is just pointed to config location, and I have yet to dig to try and find it. Thanks again.

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  • ESET Moderators

It's not "pointing to config location", after you import the config, the settings are modified in the application. You can delete the config file or keep for backup. 

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