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Change the online scanner so it will not work as a proxy client

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Your online scanner that run on Windows, access a host name of "onlinescanner.eset.com:80" and path of "/query/chsquery.php", but the request is like:

POST hxxp://onlinescanner.eset.com/query/chsquery.php
Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=------------------------[random string with timestamp] 
Host: onlinescanner.eset.com:80 
Content-Length: 1987 

While in usual request the payload for the HTTP method (POST in this case) is the relative path from the root, using a full URL instead, which is typical for a proxy activity.

This cause web gateways/IPS systems - to flag it as proxy activity and usually block it, when proxy is prohibited as part of the security policy.

So, please change this behavior and use relative path to have a normal request, non-proxy one.


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