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Trying to push out ERA through SCCM, failing

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I am trying to fully automate my ESET installs. I have the entire second half completed (once the machine has ERA and seen by the console it will push EES). The missing piece is getting ERA to push out via SCCM and connect to my server. I have followed the instructions here on the ESET website VERY carefully, and cannot get it to push and see the ini file for the configuration.

Since SCCM just executes a script, I figured if I just ran it locally, it should work the same way, however it still will not connect. I feel like this means I'm having an issue with the ini file. I also do not know how to check after the ERA is installed if the properties installed with the correct servername. If you try to change it through addd/remove programs, and hit repair, the server always defaults to localhost. Does anyone have any tips or ideas of what I could be missing?


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  • ESET Staff

Could you be more specific of how you created mentioned ini file? Have you followed documentation steps for deploying AGENT using SSCM?

Also be aware, that  parameter provided to AGENT installer using install_config.ini file are used only when clean installation is performed. So in case you have already installed AGENT with invalid parameters, re-exeuction of installer will most probably not repair previously used parameters.

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I'm sorry, I never noticed a reply @MartinK.

I followed the ini instructions found here: https://support.eset.com/kb3675/
I followed the SCCM instructions found here: https://support.eset.com/kb3680/

My "test" computers have been freshly imaged PCs, so they would have 0 chance of seeing the agent before.

Hypothetically this should install in the command prompt before even using SCCM. I can get the agent to install, but it does not connect to the ini and configure the Agent to talk to my server.

I will post the contents of the INI file below while editing out the stuff specific to our business.

P_CERT_CONTENT=(VERY long string of characters)
P_CERT_AUTH_CONTENT=(Another long string of characters)

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  • ESET Staff

First of all, I would check on client machine whether AGENT is actually installed and running (services.msc). If so, please check AGENT connection troubleshooting guide in our documentation so that you are able to locate logs and provide more detailed information of what is causing connection failures.

Seems that ini file contains everything required (I guess you did not posted header [ERA_AGENT_PROPERTIES] intentionally?). In case connection problems will be reported, please make sure P_HOSTNAME  contains hostname that is accessible from AGENT. Hostname placed into installer by default (could be overridden in installer wizard) is deduced on SERVER, and it may be different as hostname for access from network, especially in case SERVER is behind firewall or NAT.

In case AGENT won't be even installed, you will have to check logs of deployment mechanisms you are using. I would expect failed installation will be reported.

Simplest way how to check whether INI file is correct, place install_config.ini and Agent_x64.msi in the local same directory and run silent installation (using command line tool msiexec.exe) and check whether it will succeed.

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So what I found is that the ini created had my hostname contained the FQDN. When I removed the FQDN and just made the hostname the name of my server, it worked properly.

Thank you for your help!

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