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Windows alert for restarting after client update?

Roger Nock

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I look after 50 PCs on our network where I use ERA to push updated Antivirus versions through a dynamic group rule.

This is working as best as it can, I just set the software install task to the new version in the repository and then change the version number in the rule to match.

The problem I have is that most of the users don't see that ESET Antivirus has uninstalled and is awaiting a restart to continue full operation.

To compound the issue most PCs are left on over night with open applications or they shut the PC down thinking its the right way but Win10 has this fast startup which kind of hibernates the system and ESET doesn't get properly installed.

Is there a way to trigger the Window alert system to constantly nag that the PC is not fully working after the client has been updated and ideally force a restart in the out of hours setting of Windows?

I already warn the users via email that a new ESET client has been deployed and to restart there PCs....

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  • ESET Staff

What I would suggest, is to create a dynamic group for "computer restart required".

Then, create a "generate message task" set to "join dynamic group trigger", or eventually a delayed restart initiated via command line (run command task). Generate message might prompt users to trigger a manual "reboot" of the system. It´s true, that currently, it might take a while, till they notice, they have to restart, as ESET icon is hidden in the tray. That´s the method I keep suggesting to customers.

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