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Remove or reset username activation to re-activate on key


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I currently have a 5 computer license that is almost expired and I called the ESET renewal to see how much the renewal was. This was also at the same time I came across the $5 license at newegg. I was told by the ESET representative that on renewals they don't discount or price-match, so to renew my 5 PC license would be $75 or to buy them new would be $25. It amazed me that ESET wouldn't budge on the price, but fine, I'm the one with the $50 minus some time.


What my question is; my current installation is using a username and password, I was hoping that I could just re-activate with the new activation key, but that choice is not available unless I do an uninstall and then re-install it. So is there a file or registry key to delete so I can get back the 'Activate using an Activation key'? I tied flipping it to a trial mode but it still only presented me with activating using a username and password.




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Hey twoj. Thanks for posting.

I hope i can help even a little.

Regarding the price budge...

Eset isnt selling their product at 4.99 nor selling through newegg. Newegg most likely purchased those licenses as a reseller. The price is 39.99 but if you buy 50,000 its 6-8$ per license in bulk.

So newegg purchased the licenses and can afford to sell at 4.99. There may or may not been a few talks back and forth as a great idea for black friday etc.

So as a new single license alone you can understand having to barter at 39.99.

The activation window is a whole new form. I would be surprised if the form gets removed or deleted and the updated form overwrites. However im only guessing, a moderator and representitve of ESET will correct me or answer your inquiry.

My recomendation would be a nice clean fresh install or reload of the software.

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Thanks for your input Arakasi


- Regarding the first point, I understand that newegg can buy in quantity and then can resell at a lower sale price in compared to my 5 licenses, however since I'm not trying to compare a sale from vendor A vs vendor B, it is between Vendor A (newegg) and the manufacturer (ESET). If I can prove that I can purchase X licenses through a retailer at $X then regardless ESET are still getting $Y from the retailer, so charging me more than $X will just invite me to deal with the retailer and not with ESET. These are basic laws of price matching and price & demand. incidentally it is not a good strategy since at renewal time people will often go with the sale of the day at the retailer instead of dealing with the manufacturer. I'm an IT admin and I do negotiations for AV on x000 of licenses, and I can vouch that at those levels manufactures are easy to match the competition. 


- the second point, the one I'm really interested in, I suspect they will tell me to uninstall and re-install, not a big deal, just seems a bit of a waste since it really is just to change the license #. Most software lets you change license unless it goes to a different type of license.


PS - that $5 newegg is a bit cheaper if you use the promo code BFSPECIAL5P2

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