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Remote Installation of Linux/OSX Clients

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Is it possible to export the remote installation script for osx/linux, which creates the ssh connection, load and install the package?

Would be nice to deploy the packages like in windows. Export the remote installer (300 kb), and provide it for the user.

Or did anybody know, how to access the ERAS Remote Install API?


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Hello Megachip,


for remote installation of Endpoint packages please refer to these sources:


KB article: How do I push install to client workstations using ESET Remote Administrator?


Chapter 2.3 Remote installation in ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X Documentation


Chapter 2.3 Remote installation in ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Linux Desktop Documentation



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Guest Megachip

Thank you, but there is nothing about Remote Installation via Remote Administrator. Where is documention how to export installation script for MAC/Linux from ERAS?



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Nope, sorry. I'm searching a way to remote installing linux and osx packages like windows packages. Import into ERAS, create/change custom config, export installation script.

At the end, the enduser had to double click the executable (or deb/rpm package) and no further interaction between user and installer is nessesary.


Works fine for windows packages, but osx/linux packages can't selected in export dialog of ERAC.


There is a possibility in ERAC to remote install the package via ssh on osx/linux, but i need a script which is executed by user.

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I know you can do a push install to OSX and it should work the same on Linux.


First you'd need to have a user name and password with ssh and sudo access.


For OSX you need to download the .dmg file from ESET Install the application on OSX configure all your settings and export those settings to an .xml file.


In the ERAS, create the push install package with the .dmg you downloaded from ESET and the .xml file with your configuration you exported.


Then just push like you would to a windows client, using the username and password that has ssh and sudo access.


Simple as that.

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@itmscd, thx but 2 Problems on that solution:


1st, i do not have the username/pw for the specified Clients

2nd, there is no ssh deamon running on osx.


so as descriped, the procedure of "remote" installing must be initiated by user/Client. That works fine on Windows, but not on osx/Linux and so on.


But possible this Feature will be integrated in ERAS 5.1?

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