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ERA server installation in CentOS 7

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Hi all,

I had installed ERA server in VM - CentOS 7, the License was well added.

The config is:

Server: VMWare + CentOS 7 (IP:


I found 2 issues there.

1. It failed to install ESET Antivirus for Linux to itself.

Error: Task failed, try to install software manually. SoftwareInstallation: Failed to install binary package '/tmp/bcd4-fcd9-8f8f-4f06/ueavbe_x86_64_enu.linux' with exit code: 64, stdout: , stderr: 

Screen Capture:



2. It cannot connect other client even Agent was installed in client, e.g. connect Ubuntu 16.04 server (IP:





Status Log.



Any tips are welcome.





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  • ESET Staff

Regarding your issues:

  1. first issue seems to be problem with missing dependencies. When installing package from ERA, package dependencies are not resolved automatically. You have not specified version or product type, but there are few dependencies of ESET security product for linux, which may not be expected. As an example, 32bit version of libraries are required to properly install this product on x64 based linux system. Unfortunately ERA reporting does not provide more relevant information in this case -> I would recommend to check, whether it is possible to install this product manually on target machine. There should be also list of required dependencies in ESET documentation for product you selected.
  2. For further analysis, status.html log from client machine will be required (the one you attached seems to be from ERA Server). I would also recommend to check whether AGENT is actually running (sudo service eraagent status or similar command depending on your linux distribution). More details with trace and statu logs location on client machine can be found in relevant documentation page.
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