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Driver Easy 5.5 blocked

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I've been running this program for a very long time since today it got blocked by ESET somehow, I've searched on virus radar/threat Encylopedia nothing show up.

Any idea why all of a sudden this program is blocked or the URL it uses to check out for new drivers.





driver easy.JPG

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9 hours ago, persian-boy said:

Don't exclude it! that application is not safe.Use wise diver care which is safe and reliable.


Ok thnx for the tip, will switch to that one.

Also thnx for the other advice :rolleyes: 

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45 minutes ago, Daedalus said:

I just found out that Driver Booster 5 Free can update much more than Wise Driver Care.


I had that one, Drive Easy gave much more updates which i manually checked and confirmed they could be updated.

As i said i will try Wise driver care.

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Awesome, and this morning Eset deleted my drivereasy.exe.  This is a legit program I purchased  some time ago.  Are you now saying it's a virus?


This seems to have stemmed from another program using drivereasy.com as a url when it runs.

explained here apparently by an employee of Driver Easy.  Especially see post #5 onwards.


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4 hours ago, Slicendice said:

Awesome, and this morning Eset deleted my drivereasy.exe.  This is a legit program I purchased  some time ago.  Are you now saying it's a virus?

No, we are not saying it's a virus or another kind of malware. We are saying it's a Deceptor. It's listed in the list of Deceptors at https://customer.appesteem.com/deceptors.

It is in the interest of its vendor to communicate with AppEsteem and work on resolving the issues.

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I have sent a message to Driver Easy hopefully they can clear this up with you. Pretty sure this will be at least partly due to the behaviour of the malware as indicated in the threads I linked.

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Looking at the AppEsteem site it looks like the issues with driver easy are the following:


1. The application scheduled tasks cannot be disabled using standard platform-provided methods. Scheduled tasks are still active even after disabling it using the software provided method.

2. The application fraudulently elevates its user trust level by displaying fake, unverifiable or expired endorsements. The app display "Gold Microsoft Partner" logo which is unable to be verified.

3. The application creates undisclosed scheduled tasks to perform actions without the user's knowledge and consent.

4. When running on a virtual machine, app does not report "out of date" for the same drivers/driver info that it reports out of date on a native hosted os. There is no mention of this variance in behavior in EULA or in the product


If you go to the site linked by Marcos, and search for Driver Easy you'll even see picture evidence of some of these issues. i'm guessing that Driver Easy won't be able to clear up these issues without significant changes to their marketing and application, which will likely not happen anytime soon as most companies that do these sorts of things know full well they're being sketchy.


I hope this helps!!



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Hi guys! 

This is Sophie with Easeware. 

First off, thanks so much for your attention to us and your kindness in believing us. This false positive is now fixed. 

We made instant contact with ESET when we received reports from our very warm-hearted users saying that Driver Easy is blocked. Then we received a report from AppEsteem, telling us what are the possible causes for the false positive. 

We managed to release a new version as quickly as we can, and sent it to AppEsteem. 

The very kind and friendly AppEsteem support helped us with the evaluation effectively, and we are off the Deceptor list today. 

If you're interested in more details, here is our blog about this incident: https://www.drivereasy.com/a-clarification-on-the-recent-false-positive-issue-with-driver-easy/

As you may see at the end of the blog, we will help to extend your license key, or send you a free license key for your help. 

Anyway, this incident is now over, and we think of it as a great opportunity for us to improve. 

Thank all of you for your attention to this matter, and your trust in us. 

Feel free to let us know if you have anything to say to us. 

Wish all of you a very nice day! :)

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I contacted their support and was told there is a new version released 16th Jan 2018 to resolve the above issues, and that they have contacted Eset to remove this block.  No.1 for example is in the change log ;

+ You can choose whether to create a scheduled task when you install Driver Easy
– Fixes a bug with the scheduled scan. So now when you disable or enable the scheduled scan, the same setting applies to your system 


However I can't download it or verify anything until Eset remove the block so I can use the program I want to use and paid for.


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Hi guys, 

This is Sophie with Easeware. I posted a short reply hours ago, but the post didn't get released... probably because it contained a link.. 

Anyways, we just want to say how much we appreciate all your effort here.

We were off the Deceptor list yesterday, according to one of the very nice and friendly AppEsteem support. 

We released the latest version yesterday, and we have filed another report to ESET for the false positive issue. We're still waiting for the reply. 

We think of this incident as an opportunity for us to improve, and we sure did make some headway from here. 

Once again, thank you so much for your attention and your believe in us. 

If you still have any question, feel free to contact us via our support email. 

Have a nice day, everyone! 

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Many thanks Sophie,  and to Driver Easy for dealing with it promptly.

It seems at this moment my Eset totally blocks access to the install file not sure if they have updated their signatures yet anyway (I checked for an signature update)


All the best,


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