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Delete zip file attachments containing .exe


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@mauirixxx: The upgrade of EMSX should be support so you don't need to uninstall it first.


@Arakasi: Thanks.


You're welcome !

When i was network admin and operations for Citibank, i used to always bypass the exchange when sending internal program updates or personal .exe .com file extensions by double renaming the extensions to change format.

The fact ESET mail security does not allow that now is a huge improvement against end users when it comes to security and evil developers with malicious intent. :)

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the rules based on content of an archive will be available in next major version of EMSX.

There are already rules to detect the real file type i.e. exe renamed to .doc will be picked as .exe, moreover there is a new rule to detect dangerous attachments with double extensions for example invoice.pdf.exe.

Is this the correct location to turn on deleting a zip file with an exe inside it?

ThreatSense engine parameter setup -> Options -> Potentially dangerous attachments



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