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Request for user survey regarding Documentation quality


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This post isn't directly related to ESET but the results can be applied to the work we do regarding our technical documentation (for which I'm responsible). We care about the quality of our support documentation and are always looking for ways to improve it. One, very important metric is user feedback, which is always in short supply. 

There is an ongoing study to help determine how readers define documentation quality, based on 15 empirically tested information quality dimensions (modified from Wang & Strong, 1996).

If you can complete this small, anonymous questionnaire  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JSK9ZL9
we will really appreciate it. 

The results of this study will be analyzed and prepared for publication/presentation when enough data has been collected.

Thanks for your help!

For more details, see:
Wang R. & Strong, D. (1996). Beyond accuracy: what data quality means to data consumers. J. of Man. Info. Sys., 12 (4), p.5-34) .
Zacarias, D. (2015). The Complete Guide to the Kano Model: Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Delight.

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