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Backup for ESLC Hyper-V Appliance (and Remote Admin Appliance as well)

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We have installed both preconfigured appliances (ESLC and Remote Admin) for Hyper-V. We perform our backups with Altaro and got an error with both VMs because of the missing VSS support in the appliances. Altaro fortunately has a guide for installing CentOS in Hyper-V (which you can find here). According to this guide you need to install the hyper-v daemons

sudo yum install -y hyperv-daemons

 in CentOS to Support VSS in Hyper-V.

I was able to do this in the Remote Admin Appliance because I can access it via shell/root. After executing this installation I was able to perform a Altaro Backup without errors for this VM.

Unfortunately I can't access the ESLC-VM via shell because of the missing access data for root.

So I suggest to either provide the default root access data for the VM or to provide the package mentioned above via the update function within the appliance.

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Hi Tommy,

as data in ESLC are not permanent and serves as a cache, it doesn't make any sense to backup them. What I'd advise you is to do a VMware snapshot after configuration and putting offline. 

Basically, data which were in cache 2 days ago are not valid now (due to updates in ESET product modules, which could change the cached results)...

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