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Windows 10 session opening problem with Nod 32 v 10 / 11

Flying Phoenix

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Hello, I have a problem with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (16299.125 64 bit), all updates are installed :
When I install NOD 32 version nt64 (I'll detail the experience with version 10 below), i have a problem after a reboot of my computer :

Windows starts normally, shows the connection screen, when i enter the password, the session is opening, but ... the screen remains black (with the mouse cursor) even after 20 minutes.

I can close the session or reboot the computer with the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys combination.

The situation is the same after other(s) reboot(s).

I never seen this problem with olders versions of Windows (even Windows 10 previous revisions) with Nod 32 (I used Nod 32 since the version 5).

Configuration system details :
- Windows 10 Professional (legal and official) Fall Creators Update (16299.125), with all updates installed.
I have this problem with a new installation of Windows, even with a formated system partition.
- 64 bit edition of Windows
- Nod 32 version nt64

To solve the problem, I need to use the system restore and use a state before the installation of Nod.

With version 10 :
I'll tested with Nod 32 version , I have the same problem, but not immediately : After i set the HIPS to not allow without user confirmation the modifying the list of programs starts at the OS's start.

I think, it can be a problem with the Hips engine.

I'll test again later.

Have you an idea of the origin of this problem ?

For information, i have contacted the french support of Eset.
They never seen this problem ...

Finally, sorry for my English, I am French and I tried to write an understanding message.
Have a nice day.

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If you could experiment a bit, when the issue occurs are you able to start Windows in safe mode?

If so, try renaming the following drivers, one at a time, but at both locations C:\Windows\System32\drivers and C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers\%drivername%:

- eamonm.sys
- ehdrv.sys

Let us know if renaming either of them makes the issue go away.

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Thanks for your answer.

I'll try to rename these files later (I can boot Windows in safe mode, after editing the boot menu with bcdedit).


I have tested to disable the Hips Engine of NOD 32 and the system works fine.

When I turn on HIPS, and after a reboot, I can't launch any application and the cofirmation's windows of HIPS takes long time to showed.

I'm thinking of an incopatilibity between the HIPS Engine of NOD 32 and an installed program or driver, but ... what ?:lol:

For information, I don't have any antivirus program or anti-malware program except NOD.
I have tested with the version and I have the same issue.

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