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Upgrade to Internet Security from Smart Security (Questions)

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I was browsing ESET website and I noticed that Smart Security is no longer a product and is being replaced by Internet Security.   The Internet Security webpage states you can upgrade for free.   I have a couple of questions.

1.  I recently purchased a 3 pack of licenses from Newegg for Smart Security.  My current license expires early Feb.  If I activate the new license now, will it extend my current license or should I wait until my current license expires?

2.  Since the upgrade to Internet Security is free, will this Smart Security license still be valid?

3.  Do I need to uninstall Smart Security first before installing Internet Security OR will the install take care of this and transfer my license?

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1, I assume it will not extend your current license because it's a new license and not a renewal.
2, With your license you can install EIS or ESS. If you would like to use the latest v11, use EIS which has replaced ESS but has the same features plus some extra new ones added in v11.
3, Installation of EIS over ESS is a supported scenario so you should be able to upgrade seamlessly.

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