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Cannot upgrade ERAS 5.0.119 to 5.1.34

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I cannot upgrade ERAS 5.0.119 to 5.1.34 following these notes: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2439


After choose "Default" I am not offered to migrate settings, I am instead prompted for license file, passwords etc, and then I am told the ports are in use (clearly they are in use - by 5.0.119).


I've tried this on five separate servers now.







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Sure. If you have 5.0.119 installed and you want to upgrade to 5.1.34, the screenshots and steps are all wrong. What happens is this:


Accept license terms

Choose Typical install

Browse for license code (e.g. like a clean install)

Choose server passwords (e.g. like a clean install)

Choose to install

(you may also get a screen saying port 443 is in use, which on our server it is; we entered a different port).


The upgrade proceeds.


In other words, there is NO migration Settings screen as shown in the KB article. This led me to believe that a clean install was in progress and ERAS Insatller had not detected my existing settings.

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I can confirm same procedure as @jimwillsher mentioned when upgrading ERAS 5.0.119 to ERAS 5.1.34.

Everything was migrated / upgraded perfectly, although it does look like fresh installation.



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  • ESET Moderators

Thank you for the feedback on SOLN2439, we have updated the article to be clear about which steps apply depending on whether you're upgrading from v4.x or 5.x to 5.1.34. Below is a changelog of the edits made to the Knowledgebase article--as always, any feedback or suggestions is appreciated.



  • removed Lost License link from #1 and moved to #4, which is where it is needed (it was either include it twice or put where needed)
  • changed step #4 to be more generic "follow Setup instructions" but added Note for users upgrading from previous 5.x version and called out Figure 1-2 as only applying to v4.x users
  • minor formatting changes 
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